WMS layer data

The ESDL MapEditor provides basic functionality for adding WMS layers. This information will be shown on the map and can then be used as input information to design your energy system. WMS layers can be hosted by any external server or you can install your own ARCGIS server or use the open source geoserver.

WMS layers can be organized per project or for personal use only.

Show WMS layers on the map

From the ‘View’ menu, select ‘WMS layers’

View menu - WMS layers

The following dialog will open:

WMS layer dialog

Click any layer from the list to visualize the information on the map

adding a WMS layer to the map

Adding new layers

To add a new layer, the following information must be filled in:

  • Description: Name of the layer that is used in the list with all WMS layers

  • URL: URL of the server where the WMS layer is hosted. See example configurations for the format

  • Layer name: Name of the layer on the server that needs to be visualized

  • Legend URL (optional): URL of the legend image that belongs to the layer

  • Add to group: To determine where this new layer will be added

Click ‘Add layer’ button to save the layer configuration.

Example configurations are:

Deleting layers

Right click with the mouse on a layer name and click ‘Delete layer’

Delete a WMS layer from the list