This documentation is work in progress and far from finished. New sections will be added in the near future. Whenever questions or feedback is received from end users, we’re trying to update this documentation on the fly. So don’t hesitate to contact us, whenever you run into problems.

The ESDL MapEditor is a map based editor for energy systems or energy transition scenarios. It is fully based on the Energy System Description Language (ESDL).

It provides the following functionality:

  • Draw an energy system scenario by dragging and dropping energy assets on a map

  • Connect components, set typical component characteristics (installed power, efficiencies, costs)

  • Attach power or energy profiles to assets (demand and production profiles)

  • Set control strategies (specifically needed for ESSIM simulations)

  • Query external ESDL data sources, for example for solar or wind potential

  • Visualize WMS layers with information that can be used to define your scenario

  • Convert shapefiles into ESDL assets

  • Query the boundary service for area borders (provinces, municipalities)

  • Visualize results of simulations on the map (KPI dashboards, load animations, color areas based on KPI outcomes, load duration curves)