Adding assets from the Energy Data Repository

The Energy Data Repository is an online database with ESDL data. The Energy Data Repository (EDR) contains 3 sections:

  • Assets: Asset data with technology and cost parameters

  • Profiles: Standard profiles

  • Key figures: Key figures, like a list of energy carriers, or the sector overview according to the SBI

At the moment the MapEditor allows to add assets to the map based on the EDR contents. To add an assets from the EDR, click the ‘EDR assets’ button:

Menu bar - EDR assets

The following dialog appears:

EDR assets dialog

The dialog contains two drop down lists. The first one can be used to filter on a specific type of asset. The second drop down list actually determines which asset information is loaded from the EDR. Press the ‘Select’ button to start with the process of adding the asset to a specific location. See the Adding assets, areas and potentials section for more information.

EDR assets select asset