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Start with a new empty energy system. Remove all current ESDL files loaded.


Load an ESDL file from your local file system. Remove all current ESDL files loaded.

Import ESDL

Import an ESDL file from your local file system. This ESDL will be added to the list of loaded ESDLs in the layer control section (7).


Save the currently selected ESDL to your local file system.

Load from ESDL drive

Load or import an ESDL file from the ESDL drive (ESDL cloud storage).

Save to ESDL drive

Save an ESDL to the ESDL drive.


When you press ‘Save ESDL’ in the ESDL MapEditor, the behaviour is determined by your local browser settings. Most browsers by default save files in the Downloads folder (on Windows at least). In your browser settings you can specify to ask the user for a file location

Edit menu

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ESDL table editor

Opens the ESDL table editor, allows to edit attributes of multiple assets of same type

ESDL browser

Opens the ESDL browser, a low level ESDL editor (advised for advanced users only)

Energy carriers

Allows to add, edit, remove carrier information


Allows to add sectors

Environmental profiles

Allows to add all kind of environmental profiles (outside temperature, pressure, soil temperature, …)

Shapefile converter

Search assets

Allows to search for assets based on ID, name and let map zoom into this assets

Services menu

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Energy system statistics

External ESDL services

Get boundary information

ESSIM simulation

Load animation

ESDL compare

ESDL merge

View menu

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Refresh view

Force the MapEditor UI to refresh

WMS layers

Allows to visualize WMS layers in the MapEditor

Show/hide animation toolbar

Show or hide the animation toolbar - for controlling the load animation

Show/hide asset draw toolbar

Show or hide the asset draw toolbar - for quickly adding certain assets

Show/hide services toolbar

Show or hide the services toolbar - for quickly calling certain services

Show/hide KPIs

Show or hide KPI window

Clear simulation results

Removes all kind of results from the UI (simulation results, validator feedback


Settings for the MapEditor and its plugins

Help menu

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Opens this documentation website


Shows the version of the ESDL MapEditor and some links for installing it